Nuova Alpa Collanti

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produzione di colla ad uso scuola, ufficio e casa

Nuova Alpa Collanti Srl

Nuova Alpa Collanti S.r.l. was founded in 1988. Our core business is private label gluesticks production but we also produce other different glues for school, home and office.
Thanks to the long experience and to the constant research Nuova Alpa Collanti has developed a special technology to produce high quality gluesticks for Italian, European and Extraeuropean customers. We produce more than 18.000.000 private label gluesticks a year.
Both container and glue are produced in Italy. Our customers’ satisfaction is our main aim and we put our experience, quality, attention and flexibility at their complete disposal. We also offer a complete range of private label glues for school, office and home like white, liquid and universal glue.

Nuova Alpa Collanti Srl - Via E. Berlinguer, 28 - 20872 Cornate d'Adda - Tel. +39.039.6820500
P.IVA 11855930159 - Cod. Fisc. 01766180127